Why You Should Consider Drupal When Building Your Next Website

You might have been told that WordPress is the most popular content management system available on the internet today. It is a fact that WordPress is very easy to use and is certainly a great option for the true beginner. However, Drupal is known to be a much more robust solution, which is often the CMS of choice for web developers. Like its main competitor, this site builder powers numerous diverse websites, carries a very active base of support, and gives a strong and constantly updated software solution.

Also, Drupal is totally free and open source, to help you take the code to make modifications when you purchase. The code works fine out of your box, however you may prefer to get it customized with available plugins and themes or possibly a custom-coded solution coming from a developer.


What Exactly Is Drupal?

As said before, Drupal is really a free and open-source script to handle websites with. Technically, this script is in the type of a CMS, or content management system. That is because it possesses a approach to manage a website’s text, graphic, or video content. Furthermore, the theme and operations are independent of your content, and also this will make a website that is certainly built with Drupal much easier to maintain compared to a website that had been built yourself with hard-coded HTML and JavaScript.

Who Uses Drupal To Develop Websites?

This CMS could be used to create any sort of website ranging from a small blog to an enterprise-level eCommerce website. The basic software will allow you to build and operate a fairly simple site however, there are many extras that you can buy, these are known as plugins and they offer a variety of features to help you make the most of your site.

Another benefit is that Drupal sites are aesthetically pleasing when they are built. However, there are also a huge number of paid and free themes to choose from that happen to be quite simple to setup. These themes can alter the appearance and feel from the site, to ensure that no two websites look exactly the same. There is not any method that an informal user are fully aware of which a site was built with this CMS.

These are generally some websites running with Drupal:

* The United states White House

* The Examiner

* The Economist

These include a significant number of official government websites and several major magazines. This just goes to show how very professional Drupal is both in the way it looks and in the way it operates. However, not all the sites designed with this system are conservative. It does not matter whether you choose a bespoke, paid for or free theme, it can individualise your website and improve the performance.

This software is often employed for the following types of applications:

* Social network sites

* Online portals and communities

* Personal blogs

* E-commerce sites

* Service and product websites

* Small business sites

* Sales and marketing websites

The sole criticism of this particular product is that it can be more difficult for the newbie to use when compared with WordPress. However, it is possible for a novice to build a fully functional site with this software quickly, and this is especially true because many web hosts give you a one-click install. However, it wouldn’t really be appropriate for me to suggest that a beginner would be able to develop a robust web store or e-magazine site within hours.

For website owners who do not care to learn exactly how the script works, there is a very large gears drupalcommunity of Drupal developers who are willing to help. Because the developers do not to begin completely from scratch, but will use both a basic script in conjunction with plugins developed for use with Drupal, development is frequently very reasonable in comparison with building a site totally from scratch. After the site is customized it, the site owner should certainly update content and perform basic functions without lots of assistance.

Why Consider Drupal Since The Best Website Builder

When most developers are asked in regards to a premium website builder, they think of Drupal. A good thing is that the basic script and many themes and plugins are free of charge. Other people are very affordable, and there are also a lot of developers who can implement custom solutions.

Most important, Drupal is trusted by large government organizations and businesses. You are going to surely desire a secure and efficient solution for your own website too.

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