Why Are Print Services So Important For Businesses?

What type of technology setup do you have at the office? Maybe you still have copy machines, printers, fax machines and more. Or maybe like many businesses, you have exchanged older office equipment for newer technology. If you are lacking printers and copiers, you may not think that’s a big deal. Or, perhaps you think it is a big deal and are worried about paying for third party printing services. Well, let’s talk about those situations and more as we talk all about managed print services and why they are important.

Let’s say that you have decided not to have the copier and printer and feel like that you won’t really need print services. Well, there are many reasons why companies these days still need to print materials. You might be able to forgo doing so for the most part, but you’re going to need to print stuff up. When you do, that’s where managed print services comes into play.

Now, once you realise that you still need to print things out, it’s best if you keep that printer and copier in your office. Yes, you have to pay for the ink and printing supplies, as well as take care of machine maintenance. However, paying for third party print services can be expensive. It is still better to do your printing in house unless you need some special graphic design or logo done and have that outsourced to a printing shop.

Regular printing, however, is best done in house. Now, before I go any further in telling you what managed print services have to do with all of this, let’s talk more about how in house printing works. There can be mistakes, printer jams, and well, all kinds of situations where supplies are wasted. If you have many people working with you then you have to trust them using the equipment and supplies.

Now, think about how you manage everything else in the office. IT services and communication services are managed, aren’t they? If not, they should be. As a business, you operate on a budget of course, and that budget includes print services. Again, you might have thought that these services didn’t really need to be managed, but they do and can cost you money if you don’t.

You will have much better control over your printing supplies and printing costs in general. Would managed print services help improve your print environment? That is something you are going to have to ask yourself, and then you can get started. You can streamline printers, eliminate equipment that is inefficient and so much more.

You can also better handle remote printing. Some of the benefits may not apply to your business. You will have to look at the big picture and see how your business fits in. If you see positive changes taking place after implementing managed print services, then maybe you can go ahead and pick a program. Yes, you are still going to have to decide which service you want to use because you have options.







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