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Are you a businessperson looking to boost engagement? Have you considered using video streaming for your business? Well, this short article will help you decide if it is the best option for you. However, before making any rash decisions, first of all it is important to know that there are many mobile streaming apps you can take advantage of when creating and posting videos. They Adult businessman using his tablet computer to communicate his tdo not only work on PCs or laptops, but also on mobile phones. In other words, mobile users can also view your video streams.

Indeed, live video streaming is a great way to interact with your audience in real time. Through this article, you will discover that there are six ways you can stream videos, the benefits of using live video streaming, not forgetting the demerits of this technique.

Why Video Streaming?

Streaming has indeed changed the way we watch videos online; by no longer making it necessary to wait for the whole video file to download before watching. More and more people have access to broadband, which is vital to technology for it to work. If you are a businessperson, it is important to note that; just like any other thing, it does also come with a drawback.

However, apart from the benefits and limitations of video streaming, it provides a sense of excitement for your audience. Streaming is inherently about community; which makes customers feel exclusive and inclusive at the same time. There are many platforms for live streaming, some of which are Livestream, PlanetSream, Ustream, Google+ and others.

Apart from streaming, a business can record and upload such videos on platforms such as YouTube. This technique will help those who are not in a position to tune into the live events and who would like to watch it at a later date or time. Once recorded stream is uploaded on video platforms such as YouTube, you can embed it in your website as well as social media account for your business.

Video streaming provides businesses with an opportunity to inter-promote and interconnect their platforms. For example, explaining how your products are being made and then encouraging visitors to like or post questions of your social media platform; which will increase or grow social media presence fast.

Streaming does also help in SEO. It will also help a business announce a new product or perform a tutorial on an existing product, which will keep your audience informed.

Ways To Use Live Streaming Videos For Business

There are many ways to use live streaming videos for your business. Examples of these ways are:

• Share Live Events
• Host Interviews
• Show How You Create Your Products or Highlight Your Services
• Give A Behind The Scenes Look
• Conducting Training
• Hosting a Q&A Sessions

The Benefits Of Using Live Streaming Videos For Business

Today, more and more businesses are experimenting with live streaming and the benefits that it provides for not only the business, but also consumers. For example, we have all seen how Apple announce their new product lines. However, since the launch of iPhone 5, apple have been using live streaming. This gave consumers around the world who could not tune in and watch the announcement the opportunity to view the video when it was convenient for them.

Below are some of the benefits of live streaming.

1. Growing Audience

The web is indeed large. Live streaming event gives access to customers who would love to participate in the forums, announcements, Q&A and/or whatever event the business chooses to host.

2. It Reduces Costs

There are some companies that take advantage of live streaming as part of their training program for new employees. Everyone will receive the same training at the same time for the same product. This will reduce cost. When hosting a live event, consider the travel cost, lodging and security.







3. Increases Revenues

With an increase in customers and the ability to save money, you will be able to reduce cost and hence increase revenues. The time and money saved allows you to spend more time and resources growing your brand and promoting your products.

4. Great Audience Interaction

Face to face time with consumers does allow companies to humanize their services and connect with audience. This does also give you an opportunity to tell your brand’s story. For businesses that engage in live streaming events with questions and answer sessions, viewers are able to participate and engage with the business.

The Limitations/Disadvantages

Streaming does also have its limitations. Some of these limitations are:

1. Bandwidth Use

The fact is that video streaming needs enough bandwidth to watch, especially at high quality. For instance, watching Netflix streaming services require internet speeds of at least 5 Mbps for HD quality. 7 Mbps is supports Super HD quality and 12 Mbps for 3D streaming. Well, even though these speeds are available through most DSL/Cable connections; people with slower connection will experience problems with poor quality and playback.

2. Available Online Only

Even though this gives users or customer’s instant playback and yourself royal customer; all these can work against you while streaming videos because they work only when there is an available internet connection. If your viewer does not have an internet connection during playback or watching your videos online, then this might not work for you.

Well, to avoid such problems, you should give your users both streaming and download options. You should use copy protection to prevent privacy.


Well, it is a fact that live streaming is an excellent marketing technique if you are looking to focus on branding in the online world. It all comes to the amount of time you want to invest and the overall results that you want to achieve. There is one thing that is certain, through branding, comes an opportunity and therefore it is wise to brand your business with live streaming.

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