Top Reasons To Use SMS For Mobile Marketing

Text messages have been one of the most popular forms of communication for the past couple of decades. This is especially true among young adults and teenagers who text their friends on a daily

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basis. Text messages can become a powerful marketing tool if you use this communication medium to share relevant information and stay close to your audience. Here is why you should consider using SMS to reach out to your audience.


Smartphones are becoming the preferred device to browse the Internet among young users. According to the Pew Research Centre, 64% of American adults own a Smartphone and 10% of American adults have no other devices that allow them to get online. This shows that Smartphones are starting to replace desktop computers and laptops. People are likely to stare at their phones for long periods of time when browsing the Internet and to carry their phone everywhere they go, which makes it difficult to miss one of your messages.


Sending text messages is a great way to grab the attention of your audience. People are constantly distracted by the notifications they get from social media platforms, the content their friends share with them and by emails. As a marketer, you need to find an efficient way of grabbing the attention of your audience so that you can share your promotional message with them. Sending out text messages is a good strategy since the notification will instantly draw the attention of the recipient and they will probably look at the message right away.


Text messages are ideal to convey a sense of urgency. Recipients are likely to look at the promotional messages you send within a few minutes of receiving them. With methods such as email marketing or social media, a good portion of your audience will either ignore your promotional message or decide to look at it later and probably forget. SMS are opened right away, which means people will be more likely to take action directly after seeing your message. This is a great marketing tool for time-sensitive offers.


Text messages allow you to reach out to users who are on the go. Some Smartphone users check their emails and social media while travelling from point A to point B but you might not reach out to Smartphone users on the go with these platforms unless your clients belong to a young age group. On the other hand, text messages are noticed right away by users who are on the go. This means you could attract people to your store by sending a text message about a time-sensitive deal while they are commuting.


Text messages can be used to engage users. Other marketing methods are not always ideal to get people to interact with your brand. However, text messages allow for an interaction that feels more direct to the user. You can for instance share trivia questions via SMS and ask the recipients to text their answer for a chance to win a produce or to receive a coupon code. This kind of interaction can be entirely automated thanks to mobile marketing software. Recipients who answer to your texts will be more likely to take action later, including subscribing to another campaign or making a purchase.



Sending SMS to your target audience can be a great way to draw attention to your other marketing campaign. Text messages are usually opened right away and recipients are more likely to take action after reading a text message. You could take advantage of this to share a link to your desktop or your mobile website and encourage recipients to click on the link to learn more about a promotional offer. You can also use text messages to draw attention to your app, your newsletter or your social media accounts.


Analytics are very easy to collect and interpret with SMS. Find mobile marketing software you can use to send out text messages to a large number of users with read receipts. You can also use a visitor counter to figure out how many recipients click on the links you share via text messages. Sharing unique coupon codes via SMS is another good way to assess how many sales were generated by this campaign. Being able to track analytics and assess the return on your investment in mobile marketing will make it easier for you to determine the type of text messages that yield the best results. Use analytics to figure out when people are more likely to pay attention to your messages so that you can efficiently time your SMS.


Text messages can seem outdated next to other mobile marketing strategies such as creating mobile websites or apps. However, sending SMS to your audience is still a direct and efficient way to get their attention and encourage recipients to take action.

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