Some Of The Benefits Of SMS Marketing

There are many benefits to SMS marketing, one of which gives customers the opportunity to be given information regarding specific products or services. Making use of this type of marketing gives businesses a chance to obtain customer loyalty in a relatively short space of time. However, this only really works if the text messages are sent at the right time. Timing is one of those things that if you get it right, it works really well but get it wrong, it is a disaster. So, consider carefully the timing of your campaign and how it can best benefit both you and the customer.


When it comes to composing text messages, be aware that there may be a limited number of characters available and it is essential to make the most of those. Keep language simple but interesting. Be pertinent and to the point, customers are turned off by long rambling texts and will not bother reading them, so your message will be lost. Use short sweet sentences and only capitalise words that you want to highlight – capital letters are the equivalent of shouting, so use with care. Use proper grammar where possible, although text speak is commonly used, not everyone understands it and this is where knowing your target audience comes into play.



It is important to focus on the message you wish to get across. Carefully consider what that message is and work the text around that. Send only one marketing message per text so that the customer is concentrating on that point rather than on multiples. Using a call to action is a good tactic with SMS marketing and making use of words like ‘buy’, ‘get’, ‘sign up’ or ‘purchase’ encourages the customer to take action. Many businesses who have made use of this approach have found a rise in customer numbers and an increase in sales.


A lot of businesses that use SMS marketing do so because their customers can access these messages at any time, any place. Virtually everyone carries their mobile device around with them all the time and when a text message is received, it is likely to be read then and this allows for an instant response. Having a clear strategy is key to success with text message marketing and catching your target audience at that exact moment when they are likely to respond to your communication takes not only skill but planning. There are many different strategies that can be employed and much depends on what you want to convey to your customers and what your call to action is.


Make it easy for people to subscribe and also to unsubscribe, we all know how annoying cold calls, junk mail and spam emails are so allow people to withdraw if they so wish. Be prudent about the number of text messages you send, never bombard people, use them as your Sunday best. Look after your customers and your customers will look after you.


Short message service, or SMS is a very useful method of getting your message across to smartphone users. SMS is known to most of us as text messages and these are usually able to be received by any mobile phone. When used as part of a targeted internet marketing strategy, it can help you reach a larger audience than just by using internet marketing alone. You can use text messages for your target audience to promote special offers, announcements, upcoming events and in fact, anything else that you wish to say. The other benefit of this type of marketing is that your message is almost certain to be read when it is opened and shown on the screen of the phone.


You could use your website to attract a list of subscribers to the SMS service and this can help you sms phone message concept illustrationdevelop your list. These subscribers can be sent text message alerts about exclusive offers or deals. Mobile marketing can really increase the traffic to your website and thus increase sales. You might also want to use it to promote your blog or social media. It is completely flexible and you can use it to market specific products to targeted customers. This makes it particularly good in terms of return on investment as there is often a much higher take up of offers.


With budgets decreasing and marketing managers trying to make the most of the funding available, SMS marketing can be done quite cheaply. It is easy to send out the messages and track conversions. Keeping track of conversions is important to assist you in achieving the best results from your campaign. Studying the demographics of your target market will allow you to see what they are looking for and as such enable you to sharpen your campaign. All you need to do is set up an account with a reputable SMS provider. There will be a variety of options and you are sure to find one to suit your business. This can be a really cost effective method for both online and offline businesses to gain new customers and keep existing ones up to date with your company news and offers.


Most people keep their mobile devices with them all the time and as such are more likely to read their messages and respond to them more quickly than with automated emails. Response rates are better when instant messaging is used and a lot of people enjoy getting personal messages from their favourite brands. Many surveys have shown that using SMS for marketing purposes is a very effective method of reaching customers and increasing sales. It is surprising that more businesses have not cottoned on to this system.


SMS marketing not only benefits business but also the consumer because the information is pertinent to them when sent as part of a well prepared targeted campaign.

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