How To Successfully Use SMS For Your Customer Services

Customer Service Can Make Or Break Your Company

The way you handle the problems, the mistakes and the questions that customers have will make SMS word cloud conceptor break your company. Companies who efficiently and politely handle these issues develop a lot of respect, rapport and goodwill with their customer base. SMS is a great way to quickly solve customer service related issues.

SMS Can Make Your Customer Service Protocol Efficient

The problem with customer service is that your customers need immediate help. They don’t want to go through some impersonal automated system, they don’t want to check their email that they either only check intermittently or in fact never use and they definitely do not want to chit chat on the phone with you. With SMS you can limit some of the bad will that comes into play when someone has a problem. Text messaging is an impersonal yet personal way to solve issues. It allows you to quickly contact them in a way that most people prefer to communicate in this day and in this age.

The Power of The Smartphone & Tablet

The power of the Smartphone and tablet is that people always have them on them or near them. For a business, this means that you can contact and market to people and solve their customer service issues a lot faster than if you had to reply on email or some other slow form of communication. People check their text messages and read them 99% of the time, the same is not the true for phone calls, emails and voicemails that people ignore at least 75% of the time.

SMS Can Help Improve Your Brand Identity

Remember when we said that customer service can make or break your company and then how we suggested how SMS can help improve the way you handle customer service issues? Well, text messaging is not just good for solving problems, it is also very good at building your brand identity. The power of using SMS is that it will build a text message list for you to market to. No, you will not spam this list but you will use it to thank your customers and to tell them about all the things that your company is working on. You will use it to build rapport and trust with your customer base.





We have covered quite a number of topics in this article and all of the things covered are very important. The first thing we covered was very obvious and was about how customer service can make or break your company. The next thing we talked about was how SMS text messaging can speed up your customer service process and make your customers happy. After that we then talked about the power of Smartphones and how they have made everything easier, even customer service. Lastly, we delved into the topic of how SMS text messaging is a great way to build esteem and your brand identity among your customer base and the people they talk to. These are all great reasons why you should consider using SMS as part of your customer service framework. To make life easier for yourself and your staff, you can in fact send SMS online, there are a number of providers who offer platforms that are capable of supporting this particular way of using SMS. All you have to do is set up the platform, buy some credits and off you go!

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