Boost Your Internet Ranking With Local SEO

Local SEO, is a term that internet marketers have been frequently using just recently. It is still a strategy for search engine optimization, but how does it differ from the convectional SEO and who does it benefit the most? Local search engine optimisation, simply put is the optimization of a website for local results. This means optimizing your website for visibility in the Google maps.




What are the differences between local and traditional SEO?

Local SEO does not only work to improve the organic rankings for a website,  but it also works in helping elevate the ranking of a website for results in a particular region. Let us assume that you not only have a website about betta fish, but you also sell them at a store located in Boston. As you are running a business, you do not want to just inform people about the fish, but you want them to buy the fish at your store, and this is where local SEO will come in handy.

With Local SEO, a professional works with an aim of improving the rankings of that site for a particular region. For instance the case above in Boston. Local search engine optimization will help elevate a business website ranking into the local listings as well. In Google refer to them as Google Maps.

The local listings are capable of bringing up a list of the business and their exact locations by just matching the keywords in the specified search. So, if someone in Boston typed in Google “betta fish”, not only will the websites that have betta fish information appear, but a separate list stores that sell betta fish in Boston will also appear in the first page. The local listings will usually feature the business name the contacts, the address, a brief description about the business place and sometimes a visual location on the map. It is quite obvious that if you own a business, you will want your site and business location to be prominent in the related search listings for your operation area. This is one important area that local SEO plays a major role in.

SEO ConceptAnother benefit of implementing local SEO is that the strategy syncs with the Google Maps, Bing and yahoo listings as well, which increases your overall ratings. Ideally, to be listed on these listings, you do not necessarily need to have a website. This is because they only require an address to have your business listed. However, this does not mean that you should not have a business website. A website is extremely important. However, local SEO still proves to be essential if you do not have enough money to quickly put up a website. You can create awareness using local SEO as you work on the site.

Local SEO is a cost effective strategy that helps is increasing the level of visibility on the internet. If you are visible to many people, it means you will have many customers and this means a greater return on investment.

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