All About Sending SMS Messages Online

If you’re just like me then you are probably wondering if people still SMS online services when you can chat with friends and family with mobile chatting services like Viber, Kakao, and Line. But you really can’t assume that all the people in the world can afford smart phones, can you? And so yes, there are still many people who use Internet-based free SMS service to send unlimited text messages all over the world.









We all know that sending an international text continues to be costly in certain nations. Thankfully however, there are many, many websites out there that allow you to send a text message directly to the inbox of someone else. Not all of these websites are created alike, however there will be some that will require registration whilst others do not. There will be some who will spam you with ads, others have a no-spam policy. Another point to consider is that some service providers will pose a limit on how many text messages you can send per day, others are unlimited.

IF you want to know what these websites are, just type in “send sms online” on Google’s search bar. When we said “many, many websites”, we do mean hundreds, if not thousands. It all depends upon what sort of service you require and how many text messages you are likely to send. Some of these services are free but there are others that are paid for. Do remember that there ‘is no such thing as a free lunch’ so the free service may not be quite so good. A paid service is likely to have excellent security, be flexible, quick and easy to use and also reliable.

It is not only individuals that can use SMS online services, businesses can also make use of such a service. It can be used not only for advertising purposes, it can be used to remind clients about appointments, to inform customers about delivery times or to get feedback on recent purchases.

The good thing about using SMS online services is that they support practically all platforms, meaning you can send a message to just about any country in the world. And even if you’re not in the same country, your message will still be delivered.

So, when you’re ready, go and find an SMS messaging service now. We need to warn you, however, that some of the free messaging service websites have delivery issues and your message might not even be received. However, you can prevent this from happening by making sure that the service you use has an almost 100% delivery success rate or choose a paid for service, you will have a guarantee that your text messages will be delivered.

If your message is not delivered, there could be several reasons why. It’s either you entered an invalid mobile number, the mobile phone that you’re attempting to contact has been switched off or is out of the service provider’s coverage area. Or they may be just be congestion in the mobile network.

If you’re worried about not being able to track your messages, you don’t need to worry because a copy of your message is automatically sent to your email inbox so you document your activity and show it to the other person in an email.

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