Advertising Using Video Streaming

If there is one thing advertisers are desperately trying to get around, it is banner blindness. At one point a nice banner would have been more than enough to engage a potential customer, but now Video streaming word cloudthey hardly ever look at something that is remotely related to advertising. The new way of getting a user’s attention is through the medium of streaming video and according to statistics, this is the future of advertising.

The best example of using video streaming for advertising purposes has to be YouTube. Once you upload a video you have an opportunity to monetize that video by showing ads. If you look at the amount of views viral videos get, then you can just imagine how much revenue this can bring in. You’ll either see an advert playing before, during or after the video.

Even though advertisers are getting much better results there is degree of caution to be used when advertising through streaming video. For example, if the advert looks like a typical commercial that can be seen on television it’s going to be limited in terms of engagement. Just like banner blindness, people avoid ads that don’t entertain them.

But video streaming in itself can be a very powerful tool as well. Many entrepreneurs these days invest in making a video in order to better reach their audience, simply because people pay more attention to visual stimulation. This video is typically the first thing users see when they reach the landing page.

One of the reasons why video streaming is so effective is the “personal” aspect. The viewer doesn’t just read an article and see a picture of the person supposedly promoting a product. With a video they actually see a person speaking the words. Now there is a personality and a face behind the product or service being advertised.

A few things to remember if you decide to use streaming video:




– High Quality:

Unfortunately it’s not the cheapest method of advertising and if you settle for a low quality recording then don’t expect people to watch. Make sure the background looks great, the person in front of the camera doesn’t alienate the audience and that the overall quality of the recording is high.

– The Length:

Another aspect to consider is the length of the video. Even though you might have a user’s attention within the first 5 seconds, it doesn’t mean they are going to watch the whole thing. In other words, keep it short and effective.

– Engaging Script:

Last but not least, be very critical when it comes to the script you use. Cut out unnecessary information and only focus on what you want the audience to hear. Statistics show that you have about 3 minutes to impress, after that you’ll start losing attention.

If you have a product or service that you want to advertise then you should definitely consider doing it through streaming video. Avoid the maze of banner blindness and boring text with a form of media everybody loves.

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